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What Are Guests Saying?

Humor, good service, and great food are helping Arby’s win new fans

Happy Arby's customer in store

John Davis, CEO of U.S. Beef Corp., oversees more than 300 Arby’s restaurants. As a well-capitalized and expert operator, U.S. Beef could open virtually any concept. John is continuing to invest in Arby’s and is on pace to open 100 more locations by 2020. Why?

All parts of the guest experience are in alignment: “It’s the best it’s ever been as far as identifying a strategy that really puts us in a great marketing position and a growth position,” he says. “There is no doubt that we have found and put a stake in the ground to be unique in QSR industry. Everybody is going after younger, more diverse guests and we are really positioning ourselves very well. We’ve gotten great feedback.”

Arby’s has connected with guests by focusing on a mantra that guides our decision-making: everything we offer guests should be “deli-inspired delicious” — the food, the restaurant itself, the service, and the marketing.

Guest feedback

Arby’s opens every channel of communication possible to help guests let us know how we’re doing. Arby’s guests can write us a letter, call us, tweet us, post on Facebook, email us, participate in a consumer panel, post on Instagram, talk to a team member, pin us, fill out a survey, and more. Critically, we also listen and take action quickly.

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We have invested in state-of-the-art social media monitoring technology to help us respond to customers in real-time. The open lines of communication have helped us learn from guests, refine and sharpen our marketing messages, and find ways to improve guests experiences and repeat business.

It’s also allowed us to hear guests sing our praises! Here are some examples:

“Their Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich beats any gourmet sandwich I ever tasted.”
— Yelp review, Dan J., Nashville, TN

“Great location….very clean building looked very modern and brand new!! Food was awesome …made to order and very hot!! Best fish sandwich I’ve had in a long time…”
— Yelp review, Joe. R., Fishers, IN. He visited a restaurant that is using the Inspire design.

Every time a bell rings, an Arby's gets a positive customer review.“This place is awesome. In and out as fast as 1, 2, 3 guaranteed, and the staff is always soooo friendly and efficient. This is my go to place when my Lil’ man comes to work with me … and YES, he always rings the BELL.”
— Yelp review, Juliana H., Los Angeles

“Arby’s is my happy place. Nothing like getting a big roast beef sandwich and curly fries to make any and everyday amazing.”
— Levi W., responding to an Arby’s Facebook post suggesting families hand out curly fries for Halloween.

“We need one in lower Westchester, New York. When my cousin goes to South Carolina she actually brings some home to me.”
— Sandra D., writing on Arby’s Facebook page 

“I just tried the Smokehouse Brisket for the first time at the Arby’s in Sanford, FL on 17-92. It’s my new favorite! Great service and friendly staff too – I’ll be making this Arby’s my place to go for fast and fabulous food!” — Andi C., writing on Arby’s Facebook page

“After having the Brisket Sandwich once on the interstate, I’ve since gone out of my way to track down an Arby’s and enjoy it twice more. It’s seriously good!!” — Jerry G., writing on Arby’s Facebook page

“You win. I haven’t been to Arby’s in two years. Guess I will be going this week. Any company that has this level of sense of humor gets my $$.”
— Jillian L., writing on Arby’s Facebook page about our farewell ad to The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, in which we created a highlight reel of some of his Arby’s jokes.