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What Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership Actually Looks Like At Arby’s

Arby’s is growing. And we’re looking for entrepreneurs interested in owning a multi-unit QSR franchise. But what does multi-unit franchise ownership look like? Well, it looks like a team of trusted managers, duty delegation and a strong relationship with Arby’s Corporate and Inspire Brands.

Trusted Managers

As a multi-unit food franchise owner, it will be challenging, or even impossible, for you to be in all of your Arby’s locations every day. That’s why it’s crucial you build a team of trusted managers that can manage the day-to-day operations of their individual stores while you focus on big picture strategies, growth and franchisor expectations.

When it is time for you to start hiring your team of managers, we encourage our multi-unit franchisees to focus on each candidate’s experience in operations, management and the QSR industry. Once you find and hire managers with the skills they need to run your stores, the corporate Arby’s team can help you with resources to train your managers on the ins and outs of Arby’s culture.

Appropriate Delegation of Duties

When you franchise with Arby’s, you become an independent business owner. That means that delegating tasks and duties is up to you. Each Arby’s owner does things a little bit differently, but there are certain duties that generally fall to our multi-unit food franchise owners. Things like communicating with Arby’s corporate, allocating marketing funds, and strategizing for business growth. Some franchisees do choose to have a hands-on role in accounting, payroll, human resources or training.

Once you decide which duties you want to handle yourself, you’ll have to figure out who will handle everything else. Can these tasks be handled by individual store general managers? Or would you prefer to hire regional managers to tackle higher level tasks across multiple Arby’s locations? As you consider which option will work for your growing Arby’s business, we encourage you to reach out to our franchising team or some other multi-unit Arby’s franchisees to find out what has worked for other franchisees and determine if their methods are a good fit for your business.

Strong Franchisor Relationship with Arby’s and Inspire Brands

Arby’s franchisees enjoy all of the resources and support that Arby’s has to offer. Additionally, when you become an Arby’s franchisee, you are also a part of Inspire Brands, a multi-brand restaurant company whose portfolio includes thousands of Arby’s, SONIC Drive-In, Jimmy John’s, Rusty Taco and Buffalo Wild Wings. With more than 11,100 locations, Inspire Brands has the experience and resources to help you set—and reach—your goals.

As a multi-unit franchisee, you will be responsible for having a strong relationship with both Arby’s corporate and Inspire Brands and communicating changes, expectations and updates to your in-store teams.

Flex your leadership skills and build a team you can trust by becoming a multi-unit Arby’s franchisee. If you have more questions about multi-unit food franchise ownership or you’re ready to take the next steps in your franchise journey, reach out to our franchise development team for more information.