Are you an experienced investor ready to add a bold QSR brand to your portfolio? If so, now’s the time to think about Arby’s multi-unit franchise opportunities. Owning more than one Arby’s location comes with plenty of perks that can mean a broader reach and better bottom-line growth. Keep reading to find out why now is a great time to own more than one Arby’s restaurant!

Arby's Burgers
Arby's Exterior Restaurant photo drive-thru

Why Join the Arby’s Franchise Team?

Arby’s is the second-largest sandwich restaurant brand in the world, with more than 3,400 restaurants in eight countries. Our unique Fast Crafted® positioning gives our brand a competitive edge, serving quality food that’s affordably priced with the speed and convenience guests demand. We’ve got decades of industry experience and a tried and true business model that’s been helping franchisees see success since 1965, and we’re excited to share our expertise with you!

Why Partner with Arby’s?

What is a multi-unit franchise opportunity without it coming with the kinds of perks you’d only expect from an established brand? We’re the second-largest sandwich restaurant brand in America, and when you partner with us, you can look forward to:

A Name People Love:

We’ve been serving up hot and delicious sandwiches since 1965, satisfying guests of all ages for generations.

Bold Marketing:

You can count on our marketing experts for regular and robust national and regional marketing to help get the word out about your restaurants.

Fresh Restaurant Concepts:

Our warm and welcoming restaurant designs are winning guests over, resulting in memorable experiences for them and bottom-line growth for you!

Arby’s Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership Comes with Some Tasty Perks!

Experienced QSR investors know the value of owning more than one franchise location. They know it can mean:

Quicker Growth:

The more locations you open, the better access you’ll have to capital, giving you the opportunity to potentially step away from day-to-day operations and groom additional staff to run your businesses. This will allow you to focus on growth!

Shared Resources

Multi-unit opportunities with Arby’s can mean shared resources, like staff members between locations, and the benefit of sharing expenses, like the cost of marketing your stores. You might also qualify for supply chain discounts and more.

Better Bottom Line:

The more locations you own, the more income you can potentially generate. Multiple locations can also make it easier to weather times when the economy might be tight.

Arby's Exterior Restaurant photo drive-thru

A Proud Member of the Inspire Brands Family

Arby’s is part of Inspire Brands™, the second-largest restaurant company in the US, with some of the biggest names in franchising under its wing. With the Inspire team on our side, we’re able to offer you superior support and unmatched purchasing power from the very start!

Are you ready

Are you ready to grow your bottom line and find out more about a multi-unit franchise agreement with Arby’s? Reach out to our franchise team today!