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Why Arby’s is a Winning Franchise Opportunity

It’s not a secret: Arby’s is a winning franchise opportunity. We’re excited to share our decades of franchising experience with a new crop of entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in the restaurant industry. Read on to discover the reasons Arby’s is—and will continue to be—winning.

Proven Operations

Arby’s has been franchising since 1965. And for the past 55 years we’ve been perfecting our systems so that each franchisee can make the most of our tasty business model. Arby’s buying, storage, training and management processes are all as streamlined as possible, making each Arby’s restaurant easier to run for each franchisee. Our operations have been working for more than five decades thanks to our dedication to innovation and efficiency.

Quality Food

No other restaurant franchise is able to match Arby’s level of quality and the speed and convenience we provide guests. Customers know what to expect when they visit their nearest Arby’s location: high-quality meats that can’t be beat stacked to create some of the best sandwiches in the QSR industry. Customers can’t get enough. That’s why we’ve seen unprecedented growth leading us to a 20% increase in global system sales, reaching $3.8 billion in 2017.


Arby’s franchisees are able to reach a broad group of customers, and one of the reasons is an affordable price point. In this day and age when customers have countless dining options, Arby’s remains a top contender thanks to the streamlined processes that allow us to keep prices low for each Arby’s guest while protecting profit margins for our franchisees.

Convenience and Speed Guests Demand

Another reason that Arby’s continues to grow is that we strive to exceed customer expectations—and in doing so, we run laps around the competition. We’re Fast-Crafted®, meaning we serve an innovative menu of high-quality foods while meeting customers’ needs for speed and convenience. Yep, we do it all. And our passion for creating an entirely satisfying experience for each Arby’s guest is reflected in our growing business and rates of customer loyalty.

Backing of Inspire Brands

It’s impossible to speak of the continued success of the Arby’s brand without acknowledging the role of our parent company, Inspire Brands. Inspire Brands is a global, multi-brand restaurant company unlike any other. They are home to five leading restaurant brands and more than 11,100 locations globally. Arby’s is winning because, by partnering with Inspire Brands, we have access to all of the resources, contacts and knowledge we need to help you make your mark in the restaurant industry.

There are a lot of reasons that Arby’s is winning: our proven operations, the quality products we serve, a dedication to affordability, meeting all of a customer’s needs and the backing of Inspire Brands. You have the opportunity to join a brand that is growing quickly and ready for entrepreneurs to lead the charge by owning their own Arby’s locations. If you’re ready to take the next step toward franchise ownership, reach out to our franchise development team for more information.